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Together, Hari and I are family, but our family reaches beyond just us. It includes our extended family, close friends, and our church family. With this abundance of love, we feel called to pursue adoption to grow our family, and share life's journey with a child.

Our Marriage

Faith, Family, Friends, and Support

As a team, our strengths are...

Faith, Communication, Love, Honesty, Laughter, Friendship, Helping Others, Kindness

Family Life

A child is a natural fit with who we are today. While we love going on outings or weekend trips to museums or train rides, we also love game nights at home! We mainly prefer casual places. We enjoy day-to-day life, but also visiting Hari's parents in Florida and stopping at Disney World or a local family attraction while we're there. Our dream is a cross-country road or train trip, stopping along the way to visit state and national parks, family, friends, and see a few unusual places. 

Communication Is Key

We are deeply in love, and the best of friends. Getting married later in life was a huge asset for us; we know our strengths as individuals and play to them in our marriage. Thankfully, we're both direct communicators; a healthy marriage takes work. We've never yelled at each other; we prefer to talk things out, get to the root of the problem, forgive, and move forward, because nobody's perfect.

Our Circle Of Support

We have an unusually broad circle of love and support! We are blessed with Hari's family, my family, friends, our church family, and the friends we've made through outreach and activities. 

Our Faith: We Are Orthodox Christians

Hari and I are Orthodox Christians and belong to a lovely, family-oriented parish. Over the years, we've been involved in the life of our parish and we look forward to introducing a child to this wonderful and loving group of people that we call our second family.


In Jill's Words, Hari Is...

Thoughtful, Patient, Sweet, Honest, Compassionate, Kind, Fun, Motivated, Balanced


Adventures Around The World

In my single days, I traveled the world in my spare time. I’ve seen the northern lights in Iceland, swam with whales in Tonga and Dominican Republic, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, and have even taken a railroad trip across Australia. A few favorite places were France and the countryside of Spain.

What Hari says about himself...

Getting Things Done

When something needs doing, I get it done and check it off my list. I’m happy to help clean the house or wash the cars. Being motivated has helped in life. I have a PhD in Social Psychology, but when jobs were too limited, I went back to school to become a Technical Writer. It’s a great fit for me; I love writing and the pay allows Jill to stay home. These days I have a remote position, so my office is also in the home.


I discovered a love for storytelling as a result of wanting to overcome struggles with public speaking in college. I have even won awards over the years. I’m no longer in any organizations, but still use my skills and do online book readings for children.

The Children in my Life

I’ve done a lot of community work that involves helping with children. Jill and I have the sweetest Goddaughter; she’s so joyful and smart. We both have young nephews and we visit them as well.

Putting Others First

In my early days, when I was more focused on psychology, I was involved in helping the blind re-learn daily living tasks. I also spent several years counseling people through a crisis hotline. I’ve helped coach children in the Special Olympics. As a speaker, I have also emceed at a few church fundraisers and have taught a storytelling class to grade schoolers.

Hari's Gallery

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Hari was so excited to hand out candy at church on his name day
Hari’s Baptism
Hari’s Baptism
Hari’s office at home
Hari at one of the many public speaking events he's been in
Dinosaur checkers and sparkling apple juice..
Hari playing harmonica to his favorite band..
Look closely..
Hari in Australia...this is the first photo I ever saw of Hari..
I love this pic of Hari being chased by dinosaurs!
Hari and Haley sound asleep..
Hari requested German Chocolate Cake for his birthday
Groupon had archery classes..
Connect 4, the giant version
We drove to Napa for a gathering and stopped for fried ice cream
We took a quick train ride to Paso Robles for fun
Hari trying the gingerbread house we made.
Hari decorated these! This year we added _Making gingerbread houses_ to our Christmas trad
Awww, it's Hari so cute!
My favorite piture of Hari from the wedding..
I surprised Hari by doing Food Imposters (we love the Kid's Baking Championship show)
This logo on a sandwich shop..
Gilroy Gardens waterfalls
One of the trains we went to also had a mini train and adults were allowed to ride
Hari took me to see his hometown of Buffalo and we stopped at the home he grew up in_


In Hari's Words, Jill Is...

Youthful, Loving, Kind, Compassionate, Honest, Open, Enthusiastic, Joyful, Friendly

Monterey Aquarium...A few years back, I went to a work party there. At times, it felt like

The Heart of Life!

While I love big productions, such as Wicked, Annie, and Walking with Dinosaurs, nothing beats personal events! I have joined family, friends, church, and youth group for every type of recital imaginable, a myriad of sports games, a slew of school/teacher/talent shows, and countless gatherings from picnics, to reunions, to graduations, to baptisms. The personal things are the heart of life and what brings me joy.

What Jill says about herself...

Creative and Fun! 

I love being creative and have a wealth of craft supplies! I draw, knit, embroider, sew, write short stories, and color with my friend’s children. I’ve made garden benches, painted old furniture, and fixed the front door. My current venture is selling my jewelry and sun catchers at a local boutique. This spring I’ll sell my creations at a local craft fair.


I sang in the church choir for years, did choral performances, and sang in elderly homes at Christmas. I have sang babies to sleep. I sang with teens on long youth trips, with friends at California missions, and even over the Grand Canyon!

The Children in my Life

The love, sweetness, and honesty of a child is so pure. Between my family, friends, and the church, children are a constant and ongoing part of my life. Several years ago, I was blessed to become a godmother! I’ve joined in on family, vacations, birthdays, movie nights, family, dinners, and just spending countless evenings playing board games. I’ve spent evenings and entire weekends babysitting. And when my nephews and niece were young, I used to have them over, sometimes for up to a week. We would go sightseeing or just hang out.

Putting Others First

I’ve learned a deeper level of love and kindness through volunteer work. I’ve helped build houses in Mexico, ran senior citizen dinners, and served meals to the homeless. But I am most thankful for my 20+ years as a volunteer youth leader with our church: thousands of hours planning and preparing, giving up Friday nights, unpaid time off work. It’s a lot to ask, and it wasn’t always easy, but I loved the kids and developed lifelong friendships. I look forward to my next journey of putting others first… motherhood.

Jill's Gallery

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At home
At home…Haley sleeping behind me!
Light show
Light show
At home
Jill Juliana 110
Tracter Brightened
Aquarium Work Party Nite on 2-1-2010 072
Berries A Cropped
Harvest Festival and Chicago 175

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