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Why are we adopting and what are we looking for?



We would love to adopt a toddler or preschool aged girl living in California.


Why within California?


We feel called to a toddler/preschool aged child. 

We seem to always land on a girl, but who knows how things will go. Due to being older, we can’t responsibly take a child that requires long term care, and our home has several flights of stairs with no way to add wheelchair access, so this is something to take note of as well. Other than that, we’re open to a conversation.

While adopting out of state is possible, the cost dramatically increases and we’d rather use the extra funds on setting the child up for success, not filling someone else’s pockets. In addition, each state agency operates with its’ own sets of laws that do not always sync up.

Because of our background (Hari was adopted and I spent time as a foster child), we feel a sense of connectedness and a desire to give back. We know that we can offer a child in need a good home, unconditional love, a sense of family, and strong and uplifting community.

Raising A Child

Day-to-day living is what builds a child’s foundation; determining happiness, providing a sense of well-being, and helping a child find direction in life. We see community as a critical part of this, through experiential and educational learning opportunities. Many of the places we already go are places children also love to go.

Stay-at-Home Parenting

Perhaps what I love the most is that we have tons of nearby parks, including a favorite that we call the “duck park”. We love walking around the park pond looking for turtles. Not only that, but we’re close to many children’s museums, theaters, activity centers, an aquarium, and zoos.

We are fortunate to have the resources for me (Jill) to be a homemaker so I can focus my energy on raising a child and we are fully invested in making the child our number one priority. Hari also works from home, so we have the opportunity to really be a constant support, including going to games or getting involved in a community activity with the child.

We also love visiting beaches, the Redwood trees, and old-fashioned train stations. We look forward to family walks to these places and taking a day trip on the railway.

We have a lovely church community with lots a children of all ages. We live in a quiet family neighborhood. Our neighbors are friendly and easy going and they have some have small children.

Pieces of the Past

As much as possible, an adoptive child should bring important and meaningful things with them so they don’t have to search for them later in life. We would love family photos, family history, and happy stories to pass on. Children may have favorite books, toys, stuffed animals, or clothing. Anything that can bring comfort is helpful.

What can we offer a child? 

.       An abundance of love

·       Financial stability 

·       A warm and inviting home 

·       A room of the child’s own

·       A safe and loving environment 

·       Encouragement for their natural interests 

·       Support as they grown and learn

·       A strong network of family and friends

·       A foundation of faith 

·       Haley, the world’s sweetest cat

 Parenting: Tactics and Goals

Children need socialization that includes a circle of family and friends, as well as involvement in sports and/or community programs they’re interested in.

We need to be examples to children and also keep communication lines open. 

We believe in working through things with patience, communication, honesty, compromise, compassion, and forgiveness.

For more information, click to visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page

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