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She loves a box...any box




It may seem odd to give our cat a page, but she’ll be a part of this child’s life, and we recognize that pets are an important factor when deciding what is in the best interest of the child. We feel that Haley, and any future pets, are a great asset because children can learn responsibility, they can learn how to care for others, and it’s an opportunity for us to teach a child how to treat animals. Pets also tend to offer great emotional comfort.

Friendly, People-Oriented, Sweet

Haley is a sweet and mild-mannered indoor cat. She can usually be found sitting by windows, playing with her toys, sleeping on a bed, or curled up in someone’s lap. And because she’s good with people of all ages, she’d be delighted to have another person around to snuggle and spend time with. She’s also such a mellow cat; she never growls, hisses, or scratches. But she sure loves to meow and purr, and if you sneeze, she chirps like a bird every time, and I like to tell Hari she’s saying “Bless you!” 

Animal Care and Cleanliness

We feel it’s important to take Haley’s care seriously. She has never missed an annual checkup, is always current on her shots, and goes to the vet any time needed. Because she’s in great health, extra vet visits are rare. Hari cleans her litter box several times a day and he also keeps her nails trimmed. Because she’s indoor and loves grooming herself, she’s always clean.

Allergies and Indoor-Only Cats?

People that are allergic to outdoor cats are not always allergic to indoor cats. Allergies vary from person to person, and its best to get a doctor’s input if there is concern but be sure to let the doctor know that Haley is indoors only.  

Hari and Haley sound asleep..
She loves a box..
Snack time!
Haley is quite a poser!
When Hari and I first got married, Haley would wait outside the bathroom for me, the say h
During Covid, we did some online services and Haley joined in

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