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First communications are confidential and anonymous, so feel free to reach out.

DO NOT CONTACT US regarding children in an abusive or life threatening situation. We can not help in that situation and you should contact the authorities immediately.

Email, Phone, or Social Media:

Which option is right for your needs?


If you just want to share your ideas and provide me with some leads, I’d love that, but we do need to keep the email and phone open for people with genuine interest or urgent needs, so please Direct Message us on social media. I will read all DM’s, but if I’m getting inundated, I may not reply unless needed.

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  • Facebook

If you have a specific and genuine interest in learning more about us, or you aren’t sure what to do, or just need to learn more about our situation to help you make a decision, send us an email. I plan to check email daily and reply within 24 to 48 hours. If it’s urgent, call or put urgent in the subject line and I’ll do my best to prioritize a response.

CALL OR TEXT AT 408-505-8187

We understand that sometimes a situation is urgent or you just need to call or text. So, we’ve got a phone just for this site, but it does not accept or make international calls. 

All calls will initially go to voicemail, so please include a call back number and a few words on why you're calling so I know it's not a spam call. My goal is to return calls within 24 hours between 7am and 10pm California time, but since the phone will be on silent, you can call or text any time, day or night.

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